An advocacy activity of the orphanages students - Soul for development

Under the framework of Manara network that is being implemented by Soul for development in partnership with Save the children international.

An advocacy activity of the orphanages students in Amanat Al-Asemah Sana’a in which the students of Dar Al Rahma organization have implemented training on child rights principles for students from Dar Al Rahma and their mothers for two days where the training included informing them about the principles of children's rights and the importance of advocacy for their rights as well as they have mentioned violence against children and any issue of violence might face them, it will be submitted to the Electoral Council that was formed during the project since it conducts a monthly meeting with the director of the Dar to raise all the problems facing the students.

The participants have expressed the importance of the course and the magnificence of the presentation and the information that they’ve gained through training.