Manara network partners

Manara network partners: 
- NABAA – Developmental action without borders : is a Lebanese organization established in 2001 working with Palestinian communities in the camps and gathering in Lebanon, and with Lebanese communities with a particular  focus on upholding rights of children and enabling children and youth to play an active role in their communities. 
- ALEF – Act for Human Rights: is a nongovernmental youth local organization, which aims at monitoring, protecting and promoting human rights in Lebanon through education, training, advocacy and lobbying activities. 
- Amal association for motherhood and children: is a Tunisian NGO established in 2000, which works for the prevention of the abandonment of children born out of wedlock through socio-economic reintegration of the unmarried mother. 
- BAYTI : is a  non-profit association in Morocco, which assists children in difficult circumstances: street children, working children, abandoned children, juvenile delinquent and sexually abused children.
- DS- Democracy School: is a non-profit organization in Yemen. Its main objective is to raise awareness in the community about the concepts and principles of human, child and democracy rights working with youth, children and women. 
- ECCR- Egyptian Coalition for the child rights: is an independent entity consisting of 126 NGOs representing 22 governorates of Egypt as well as international organizations and public figures to child issues, with the main task of establishing a protective body to all children's sectors and issues.
- NADA – Algerian Network for Defense of Child Rights was founded in 2004 with 100 organizations active in the field of child rights. It mainly works on protecting child rights and advocating them with the authorities. NADA concentrates as well on the psychological follow-up of the children.
- SOUL for Development: is the brainchild of a dedicated group of Yemeni professionals, which strives to offer distinguished services aiming to improve the status of children, youth and women in Yemen through establishing effective and sustainable development projects.
 - PAO - Public Aid Organization: is a non-profit alliance of non-governmental organizations and child rights activities that focus especially on children and on the implementation of the rights of the child in Iraq.  
- MIZAN – Law Group of Human rights: is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing human rights in Jordan and guaranteeing legal protection for victims of human rights abuses. Its activities are designed to strengthen access to justice, to contribute to the development of just and humane legislation and increase public awareness of legal instruments and human rights.
- The Mauritanian Association for Mother and Child Health is a human rights association founded in 2000 working in the field of human rights, especially in its aspects related to the rights of women and children.