Network Objectives

The objectives of the network: 
 The general goal: Creating a capable Arab society of respecting Child rights and providing children with a protective and supportive environment. 
The specific goals: The goals of the Arab Network for Child’s rights MANARA are the followings:
5.1- Supervision and accountability: Activating the role of Arab Child rights’ institutions and networks through supervision and accountability in order to improve the commitment of the right holders through rules, policies and practices in coordination with the Child rights convention. 
5.2- Promotion of Child participation: Empowering children by making them participate in the processes of planning, executing, evaluating and supervising, affecting their lives. 
5.3- Empowerment and activation: Building the skills and capabilities of the Network members in the field of Child rights in the Arab world, in order to activate, develop and empower their role in establishing the principles of Child rights, the international law of Human rights and the international humanitarian law. 
5.4- Experience exchange and group work: exchanging experiences and information, developing the capacities, skills and resources of the institutions that are members of the network, on all administrative, organizational, programming and professional levels.