Network domains of work

Network domains of work:

Article (6): Different studies, researches and reports are done about the development concepts concerning Child rights and how to be applied in the Arab world. 

Article (7): Organizing training sessions that include capacity building for human resources in the civil institutions and the partner-organizations, specialized in Child rights and the mechanism of advocacy and observation. 

Article (8): Organizing conferences, lectures, workshops and regular meetings, whenever necessary, between the Child rights civil institutions to discuss subjects such as Human rights, Child rights, development, democracy, and civil society, to promote advocacy and to form lobbies. 

Article (9): Finding local and regional programs and ensuring spaces and suitable chances for the children to participate in all the processes that concern their lives in the Arab society (Data collection, influencing the decision makers, forming lobbies, initiatives concerning Child rights…)

Article (10): Developing a comprehensive data system concerning different civil community’s Child rights institutions, their goals, activities and the development of local, regional and international mechanisms. This, as well as monitoring the decisions and recommendations execution, made by regional and international summits, encouraging the network members’ regional programs, the ones that concern certain aspects of Child rights (Child labor, juvenile justice, child abuse protection, participation…)

Article (11): Issuing a periodical newsletter and other publications. It is in order to deepen dialogue and coordination between Child rights civil institutions, to publish the news of their activities and to benefit from the internet. 

Article (12): Developing other mechanisms, aiming to realize the goals mentioned above.