The Inaudible Voice play

In the framework of Manara Network in partnership with save the children international, Democratic school have implemented a play entitled "Inaudible Voice" On the first of December 2018 at the Libyan Center Cinema - Yemen, "By the implementation of the Al Wafaa’ Company of Media Production and Distribution with the participation of senior Yemeni creative actors, where nearly 179 children, senior actors, public figures and local and international organizations have attended the play.

The play focused on the issue of children deprivation from education and their economic exploitation, discrimination and imprisonment in mixed prisons. The audience was greatly influenced by the show and were impressed by the different means of presentation, such as the use of videos that have been previously filmed and displayed during the play, as well as it was emphasized that idea is confirmed though pre and post forms as well as by observations through interviews .

The impact was great and positive since everyone have expressed their enjoyment, and they have said that they are thankful to the efforts of the democratic school and the representatives of Manara network and wished to play other plays with different topics.