Article (25): Membership is for national organizations and networks working in the Child rights’ field, not for individuals. 

Article (26): Each organization considered as a non-governmental civil institution and on which apply all the membership conditions can send a request to join the Network. The Network’s members should not be more than two from the same country (institution or network). 

Article (27): The Executive Council accepts the membership requests and presents them to the General Assembly in their first meeting to be approved by the absolute majority. 

Article (28): Membership conditions: 
28.1- The organization should be registered and founded since minimum 3 years.
28.2- The organization should work in one of the Child rights’ fields. Its goals and message should be in harmony with the goals and message of MANARA. 
28.3- The organization should work in a national context and preserve the Arab identity. 
28.4- The organization should have clear goals, vision and activities, written in their program document. The execution mechanisms and means of assessments should be indicated as well. 
28.5- The organization should have an interior system to clarify the mechanisms of decision making and describe its administrative and organizational structure. The interior system should also list the responsible bodies, their powers, according to which criteria their members are chosen and the accountability system concerning the workers inside the organization.
28.6- The organization should have professional audited financial reports and approved by the permitted bodies. 
28.7- The organization should have already issued at least one annual report of its actions and activities.
28.8- The organization’s different activities should be consistent with its goals and purposes written in their program document. 
28.9- The organization’s Chairman, General Manager or Executive Director should not be in a government position; especially they can’t be ministers, undersecretaries of ministry or a General Directors. 
28.10- The member organizations should pay the Network’s annual fees, which are 300 USD.
28.11- Approving the basic and interior system of MANARA Network.

Article (29): Membership removing:
29.1- Not committing to the membership conditions specified in these regulations.
29.2- Diverging from the general vision and goals of the Network.
29.3- Ending of the programs and activities in the organization (dissolution or fusion of the organization)
29.4- Not paying the annual fees for two years in a row. 
29.5- The General Assembly of the Network can remove any membership based on the will of the 2/3, according to reports done by the coordinators for reasons other than the mentioned ones in the clauses from 1 to 4.